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USG Tech Solutions Ltd., (formerly known as V & K Softech Limited) is a leading domestic Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company with proven expertise in handling Outsourced sales & marketing, flexi Staffing and other outsourced business processes for leading organizations inducted new promoters who would like the group to foray into the specialized IT sector with a vision of transforming the way India Pay.

The transformation of the world into digital channels has allowed us to imagine, create and deliver services and products never considered possible. From traditional mail to lightning fast transfers of vast amounts of data, the world has transitioned into a completely digitalized structure. Riding on this wave of change, USG Tech is bringing to India the next step towards integrated payment systems and enhanced management, through its dedicated payment gateway and acquiring services.

Utilizing the state of the art technology, USG Tech allows organisations to connect all payment acceptance channels into one single platform allowing better control and ensuring greater transparency into business transactions. The entire process of inter linking payment solutions into a single touch point is not only vital for growth but also crucial for acquiring in-depth information about an organization's business.

Amalgamating and unifying merchants, banks and value-added services providers into a common sphere of operations, the leading edge solutions from USG Tech provides greater mobility and organizations the momentum they require to stay viable and ahead of their game. The innovative solution developed by USG Tech does away with limitations and restrictions associated with expensive upgrades and inability to connect into varied channels along with several others. USG Tech provides organisations unheard of flexibility, greater control, increased transparency, superior management and most of all the freedom from restrictions all while ensuring impenetrable security.

Contact USG Tech for guaranteed security, unmatched precision, and committed partnership that allows you to stay connected and stay ahead.


USG Tech Solution Limited is the new name for V&K Softech Limited.
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